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CamChris – Assisted living facilities nearby

CamChris Assisted Living is very near to you and we are located at 24720 Tioga Southfield Mi. Our location is easily accessible. You can call us, fix an appointment, or come directly to us to discuss the services you require: Respite Care or Assisted Living. We will give you a short tour of our center and make you familiar with all the facilities, services, and care we provide at our center.

At CamChris Assisted Living we believe ‘’Every Moment Matters’’ and hence our certified staff and medical care assistance are available round the clock to look after the residents whenever the need arises.  We understand that as a caregiver, you devote several hours daily caring for your parents, spouse, or children.

Sometimes, the situation becomes difficult to manage, especially, when the caregiver is the bread-earner and needs to work. In some cases, the caregiver needs to assist the family member throughout the day due to their inability to move and do their daily needs due to sickness, inability, or old age.

There comes the role of CamChris Assisted Living to give you the temporary break or permanent relief if you choose to avail of Respite Care or Assisted Living services respectively.

CamChris Assisted Living strives for progress

CamChris Assisted Living strives for progress and not perfection. We feel that we can take daily small steps towards progress when planning to attain perfection. We, at CamChris Assisted Living, feel that we can help with the progress of those who require assistance and care so that they can be independent. Nobody is perfect, but we can take progressive steps to redefine the definition of perfection by making change, and giving the assistance they deserve.