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Assisted Living

Short & Long Term Assisted Living Services in Southfield Mi

The Assisted Living services provided by CamChris- Short Term Adult Care include taking care of the adults who require personal and medical assistance. Individuals who require assistance such as personal care, skilled nursing, medical care, etc. can stay at the CamChris- Short Term Assisted Living Services center where they can remain independent without bothering about their daily needs of cooking, cleaning, laundry, Assisted Living Facility in Southfield, MI, etc. in their own separate rooms.

At CamChris- Long term assisted living services, you get a society and safe environment. That social life plays an essential role in healing you from your illness or relishing the stress from your body and mind. Good assisted living places like Cam Chris Assisted offer various recreational and social activities. That keeps you engaged, and you do not let you feel lonely. Daily, weekly, fortnightly social and recreation programs happen at Adult care living homes, and you enjoy your life.

At CamChris- Local Assisted Living Facilities, the adults are provided with home-like comfort where they get access to certified and trained staff who are available to take care of them 24 / 7.  We are responsible for every need and care that one deserves so that they live with dignity and self-respect without depending on others. CamChris- Long-term Adult Care Southfield center maintains a safe, clean, loving, and beautiful home-like environment where one can stay. They can take part in various activities that are done daily to keep them engaged and free from any stress.  The daily enjoyable activities are based on the residents’ preferences, likes, interests, choices, and involvement.

Some of the services that are provided under Assisted Living Facilities are:

  1.   Nutrition: The residents are given nutritious and healthy meals with snacks considering their medical condition such as in the case of diabetic residents.
  2.   Laundry service
  3.   Cleaning
  4.   Housekeeping
  5.   Medical Care
  6.   Transportation facilities
  7.   Care planning
  8.   Medical Management: Depending upon the daily medical care required.
  9.   Enjoyable and interesting activities
  10. Social engagement
  11. Safety and security
  12. Hygiene and Toileting
  13. Following COVID-19 guidelines, social distancing, wearing a mask, etc.

Assisted living facilities

Making decisions between various living accommodations is quite challenging. So many residential structures, fee structures, and potential benefits make the whole process of finding the right place quite challenging. When it comes to choosing the two best options those are assisted living Southfield and skilled nursing services. However, you should give first preference to the first one, here is why.

  1. CamChris Assisted Living Facilities in Southfield, you can enjoy the facility of quality nursing on demand. In a quality nursing home, the focus is given to the health issues of the person, whereas at assisted homes more focus is given to the holistic living. Assisted living Southfield takes care of the person as well as gives them enough space to fulfill their social, cultural, and religious commitment.
  2. You get to enjoy social gatherings organized on various occasions. Assisted care homes help in bathing, dressing, eating, and help in coping with depression, isolation, and other physical/mental issues. The experienced staff also helps in financial management and others requirements. We can say that assisted homes are more inclusive whereas nursing care is more focused on health.
  3. Be clear that skilled nursing is more about medical setup while assisted living in Southfield is considered as a residential setting. Skilled nursing is often called a nursing home or rehabilitation center and it works on the same traditional way of providing services. Assisted living is comparatively new and it brings so many innovative ways to give more and more comfort/care to the person.
  4. At skilled nursing homes, there is an availability of skilled and professional nurses 24*7 whereas at assisted living greater Southfield there are different types of staff assigned with so many different work. There are cook, gardener, caregiver, barber, washerman and other staffs. As there is more staff on the assisted living home, residing there gives a holistic feeling and you get to live just like a home, not like a hospital, nursing home, etc. This is one of the best reasons for people preferring to stay at Cam Charis Assisted.
  5. In normal cases, skilled nursing is for the short term or until the person requires medical attention whereas assisted living Southfield could be chosen for a long stay due to any reasons. Even in case of caregiver is not available or he/she has become exhausted due to long months of caregiving, assisted living is a great way out. It gives an option to get a break from doing anything else.
  6. People choose Skilled nursing in case of hospitalization or sudden decline in health conditions, so there is constant monitoring and round-the-clock medical care on the person. Just opposite to that, Assisted Living Southfield provides great flexibility and the person can enjoy their time with freedom doing gardening, watching a movie, walking, engaging with fellow residents, or doing anything of their choice. You may also ask the management for outdoor visits and you may take an assistant on a chargeable or non-chargeable basis along with you.

Just like thousands of people, you too should give preference to CamChris Assisted Living Facilities in Michigan instead of skilled nursing. When it comes to the best place in that locality, Cam Chris Assisted score high in every aspect.